Recipe: Swedish Meatballs

When I was but a callow youth, my mother used to make the most delightful Swedish meatballs.  I will now share our family recipe, and an alternate recipe that you might find tasty.


The week of 6-22-2015 in Pictures

This week we celebrated jerky and crabs.  By which I mean my brother's and my father's birthdays.  I converted 20 pounds of meat into about 3, and we caught and cooked 45 blue crabs.

Outer Banks 2015

We went to the beach this year, like we do.  I took lots of photos, mostly of JH.  Take a look and become undone by his cuteness.


JH in Early Fall 2014

Would you like to see some pictures of JH?  Of course you would.  These are some miscellaneous photos, some taken at home, and some taken at the corn maze at Green Ridge Farm in Parkesburg.

Recipe: Cucumber Salad

This recipe is from my Mom's Aunt Gertrude & Uncle Stosh.  They would make the cucumber salad the day before a fishing trip, and eat it chilled while out in the boat.  I have had many varieties of cucumber salads over the years, and this is objectively the best.


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